Environmentally friendly Drinkware

Reusable Water Bottles are part of everyday life, and there's a good reason for that - protecting the Environment and our natural eco-system. All of the Branded Water Bottle, Travel Cup and Straw models you see on our website are designed to be reused again and again. By ordering one of these models you're increasing your brand exposure and you're helping to combat the negative effects of single-use plastics such as flimsy plastic bottles and throw-away plastic straws. Here are some of the top environmental benefits of reusable drinkware products, some of which may surprise you:

Less Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere

According to Biofriendly Planet, the production of single-use water bottles releases over 2.5m tonnes of Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere every year. As may know, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the number one contributor to global warming. Purchasing one reusable water bottle instead of purchasing dozens of single-use water bottles a year is a significant step towards CO2 reduction.

Flasky - Less Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere

Reduced Oil Production

Reusable water bottles are helping to reduce the amount of oil produced each year. For example, the USA relies on 17 million barrels of oil to produce 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles each year. This figure is greatly multiplied when you consider every country in the world that is also producing single-use bottles.

Flasky - Reduced Oil Production

Saves Marine Life

Over 1 million marine creatures are killed each year by plastic waste. Much of this waste consists of water bottles and straws that end up in our waterways. The marine eco-system would receive a huge boost if more people switched to reusable water bottles.

Flasky - Saves Marine Life

Ease pressure on our landfills

If the water bottle doesn't end up in the ocean, it'll likely be found in a landfill. It's estimated that over 38 billion water bottles are thrown into landfills each year in the USA alone. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, so the single-use water bottle you buy today will be around for generations to come.

Flasky - Ease pressure on our landfills

Where is your water coming from?

Some bottled water is sourced from countries with an already limited water supply. If you check the label on some of these bottles you may be surprised to the learn of the water's origin. Reusable water bottles give you the peace of mind that you know what you're putting into the bottle, and where it's coming from.

Flasky - Where is your water coming from?

Look for the 'BPA Free' icon

BPA is an acronym for Bisphenol A Chemical which has harmful effects on your body if consumed. Some plastic food containers and other plastic items will contain BPA, but most reputable Drinkware brands like us will only sell BPA Free Drinkware. 

Flasky - Look for the 'BPA Free' icon

Looking for some Branded Water Bottles or Custom Travel Cups?

You can check out our range here, which also includes Reusable Straws that can be branded with your logo.
Depending on the model you choose, we can add your logo via our Screen Printing or Laser Engraving branding methods.